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Monday, July 26, 2010

Audio-h no!

Oh dear. My day's preparation has been slightly nerve-wracking. I'm finding out there's a lot more to this whole exhibition lark than just bunging up some pictures. Give me a pencil, and if I don't have a darned good stab at creating something, I will at least feel safe. Today was completely pencil-less and I was totally out of my element.

I did an audio interview for the Lightbox archives.... and blethered like a rabid monkey. The interviewer was the lovely, Rib Davis, who did a very good job at putting me at my ease. Even at my best, though, I feel I can never quite say what I mean. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure he's as good an editor as he is an interviewer. With extensive audio nips and tucks, he has assured me, he'll have me sounding like a fully competant member of society in no time at all.

We talked about; my first illustration memories, how I go about interpreting texts, what I'm up to next, and what I want from myself as an author of stories.

His last question to me was, was there anything else I wished I'd been asked? Of course, I couldn't for the life of me, think of anything at the time (besides perhaps, would you like a strong cup of tea and a chocolate eclair???) but I've been thinking about it ever since.

I think I wish I'd been asked what knowledge or advice I would have told myself when I was just coming out of college. And it made me think about writing a list of top tips for the 'me' of two and a bit years ago. I thought I might put them up on here.

*You can come and snigger at my audio efforts at one of the two listening posts in the show.


  1. Just as long as he doesn't edit it too much so you sound like one of those announcements of all the stations on trains :)
    No, I'm sure it won't, I bet he's glad to have a nice lot of stuff to work with, rather than someone who says, 'well, you know, I mean, I sort of think at the end of the day, I mean, you know... You know what I mean?'

    Thinking about advice you'd give your younger self, I'd say, 'Just blimmin get on with it, and enjoy it, and stop worrying. You enjoy drawing, so do it more. Honestly'
    But then I'd probably have answered, 'leave me alone, it's not that easy, you know' and ignored the advice :)

  2. ooh, I do a very good version of our train lady! the train now arriving at Platform 3 will call at... Hogwarts, the land at the top of the magic faraway tree... and Bognor. See! You were CONVINCED I was her, weren't you?!

    Yes, darned good advice I'd say... although it probably still applies to the me of today just as much!

  3. My advice would be similar - stop worrying about it all: you WILL be able to do it, so relax and enjoy the ride more!

  4. me, relax????? And I thought you knew me, Lynne!