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Monday, October 11, 2010

A hard day's training

Those of you who are regular readers of my non-lightbox blog will know that several times a year, I get my sketchbook out on a train and attempt to be Lynne Chapman. So, far, no success!

Lynne's RIDICULOUSLY good at being a proper, grown-up artist. She doesn't only carry a sketch book at all times, but she actually uses it- to great effect. This is something I should do far more often. I tend to only remember sketch pads for train journeys, but there's something very unique about train journeys that inspires me, and I usually end up storyboarding new book ideas and doodling odd characters rather than actually sketching.

Anyway, I went by train to a very exciting meeting with Sarah and Marilyn from The Lightbox, to discuss the possibility of doing another project with them. This would be HUGELY thrilling. I would get to work long term with Woking schools on an area I love- children's books! I would get to show kids how books were made, show them how work came together in real time, and help them to create work too. What could be better?! However, it was quite nerve-wracking attempting to pitch something like this as I've never done anything like it, and I really want it to work out. I have plenty of ideas about what I'd like to do if I get the opportunity; loads of lovely workshops and competitions etc. for a start! However forming this mush of a plan into a coherant enough state to tell other people about was tricky. Therefore, after the meeting my brain was quite drained of potential half-stories and characters. On the train, on the way back, I decided to take outside influence for once.

So, here's the chap who was sat opposite me in the carriage. He was the most terrible fidget. I think it was because he was trying to read a hardback, and it looked horribly heavy. He kept swapping the book from one hand to another. I was tempted to ask the person next to him to hold it for him! Bad, bad, model!

I shall let you know how I get on with things at The Lightbox, and in the mean time; go book your place on my George and Ghost events, and pre-order the book! Yay!

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