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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Audio Interviews and the P.V.

I got a very exciting and welcomed envelope in the post last week; an invite to the Escape to Wonderland Private View. I can't wait!

A Private View is really a sort of celebration of an exhibition for all the people involved in putting it together. A couple of cheeky glasses of wine are enjoyed and there's a collective mopping of brow's and enormous sigh of relief at having pulled off the feat.

One of the things that was so nice about being part of this show was seeing it come together. I've never been part of something like this before so the whole operation was interesting to me. From the low tech Ikea missions to the ultra-fancy crane used to adjust lighting (still quite gutted I didn't get a go on that!) Also, realising how many people are involved in the careful orchestration of these events; quietly beavering away towards looming deadlines without the vaguest hint of persnickety-ness. Perhaps this is what I was most shocked about. All these people working ridiculous hours together, often having to occupy the same small part of the gallery at one time. I thought there'd be more chaos and death threats! There's more drama in my own studio on a day-to-day basis... and I work ON MY OWN!

So I'm certainly looking forward to meeting everyone again. I'm hoping to hear 'behind-the-scenes' tales from the START of the process. I pretty much came in right at the end, so I want to hear how it all came about in the first place.

I'm sad I didn't get photos of The Lightbox in its various stages of dress, but I'm pretty sure there are some in existance. I shall endeavour to get ahold of copies to post.

As well as Lightbox staff, all the other illustrators will also be invited. This is tremendously exciting. I have no idea who will be able to attend, as the illustrators involved are spread right the way across the country. However it would be amazing to meet one or two.

That said, it's a bit daunting. I have been lucky enough to meet Shirley Hughes a couple of times... and neither time have I uttered anything even vaguely comprehensible. I think I may have spluttered at her, like Daffy Duck.

I shall let you know how I get on.

Here is my audio interview for the The Lightbox.

And here is a brilliant interview that Marilyn, the director of The Lightbox did for the radio. How excellent to find a station so interested. The interviewer seems pretty excited by the show too.


  1. Have a lovely private view for a job well done.
    Let us know which other illustrators came, if you managed to meet them, and if you spilled wine on them or not :)

    Interesting interview by the way, reminded me of a few things I try and keep in mind.

  2. Thanks, Jon. Shall give you the lowdown on the 15th!

  3. I'll listen to all your audio tonight! You've gone multimedia! You were also in the local Woking paper, posed at drawing board, meeting 'your public' :) So do you now get recognized when you pop down to the shops...? Look forward to the gen on the private show (hope you managed to get past that 'Daffy Duck' feeling ;)

  4. Of course I'm recognised down the shops. Usually as 'that mad, scruffy bint that buys all the cakes'